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ICP Products Information

ICP offers two different GFRC mix designs based upon design criteria, finish and detail of precast elements. Our standard mix design can achieve 6,000 PSI at seven days and our custom mix design can achieve even higher strengths and is well suited for historical reproduction or elemental design requiring “high” detail definition.

Standard Products

ICP offers a standard GFRC cladding line sold under the name of “Permaclad” which can be used on all building types in exterior and interior applications. ICP can design and fabricate a custom cladding system to create the “look” you want with our expert pattern and form technicians. ICP provides a full range of products and accessories to our customers including integral corners for most patterns and sizes of cladding.

Custom Products and Projects

ICP can fabricate any architectural precast element for new construction, renovation or historical
restoration. ICP produces a wide range of caps, columns, panels, sills, headers and other building
elements for any application. Our proprietary mix design cannot be matched for performance and finish
for the replacement of historic terra cotta, cast stone, sandstone and conventional architectural precast

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