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Innovative Concrete Products


Innovative Concrete Products, Inc. designs, patterns and manufacturers all forms, shapes and sizes of Architectural Precast elements. Our product offerings include the “Permaclad” lightweight Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) cladding system, cast stone and conventional precast elements. ICP patterns and manufactures all sizes and shapes of architectural precast sills, jambs, headers, panels, corbels, cornice, caps and coping.

Permaclad System

The Permaclad system is the perfect substitute for masonry and cultured stone. Cladding is available in numerous patterns and sizes suitable for both exterior and interior installation. Permaclad is less expensive; requires less labor for installation and is superior in performance than conventional masonry products. The Permaclad line is available in custom patterns and sizes dependent upon customer need design criteria.

ICP’s Proprietary Mix

ICP’s proprietary mix design is perfect for project specific needs and designs. ICP offers a full range of CAD and engineering services to support our in house pattern and fabrication shop. The quality, finish and performance of our finished product cannot be matched. Our standard mix design achieves greater strengths than conventional “Portland Cement” based precast and weighs approximately 40% less. In addition, flexural strength and water repellency is superior to standard precast products.
Both ICP’s custom and standard products are environmentally sound and energy efficient. Our proprietary mix design generates 30% less carbon emissions per cubic yard than standard concrete. ICP’s product performance, finish quality, durability, water repellency and reduced weight is unparalleled.

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